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Bariatric Cane

Bariatric Cane, 700 Lb   CNV-835-700   $110.98

Bariatric Cane, 1000 lb. Cap.  CNV-835-1000   $110.80

Convaquip 1000PS-DAU

Convaquip 1000PS-DAU Stainless steel transport drop arm shower chair 1000LB

CNV-1000PS-DAU   $2881.14

CONVAQUIP 1324P-24 Transport Shower Chair

CONVAQUIP 1324P-24 TRANSPORT SHOWER CHAIR, Features include a rigid corrosion resistant frame for durability and Beachwood powder coat finish. Other features include removable arms, attendant mount rear locks, integral rear anti-tippers and removable footrests. Front opening allows for hygiene access. 750 LB CAPACITY

CNV-1324P-24   $1625.92

CONVAQUIP Transport Shower Chair

CONVAQUIP 1000PS TRANSPORT SHOWER CHAIR, Stainless-Steel Shower Chair / Commode was designed for Bariatric patients up to 1000 lbs. It comes standard with 5” total lock casters which when locked, provide a solid platform for the patient to get on and off it with ease. The stainless-steel construction can meet any service condition. Overall Dimensions: 39”W x 21”D x 36”H

CNV-1000 PS   $2371.64

Detecto’s 6855 digital Bariatric Scale

Detecto’s 6855 digital Bariatric Scale

Engineered specifically for weighing obese and unsteady patients and features a low-profile 18 x 14 inch (46 x 36 cm) sturdy steel platform with non-skid surface and stainless steel handrails with padded grips for patient assurance

Detecto’s 6857DHR Digital Bariatric scale

Detecto’s 6857DHR Digital Bariatric scale

Designed for optimum weighing performance and features a versatile design that utilizes the company’s exclusive 1LOOK display showing height, weight and BMI onscreen simultaneously by raising the digital height rod while a patient is being weighed.

Manual Wheelchairs

Manual Wheelchairs

ConvaQuip, Ind., Inc. Offers three stock Bariatric Folding Wheelchairs. Each has a weight capacity of 700 lbs.