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Philips Burton Wave LED Magnifier


  • Features:3.5 Dopter Magnifier
  • Features:Shadow-free magnification using symmetrical lighting or 3-D magnification using asymmetrical magnification
  • Features:Self-balancing shade and hands-free neck assembly make precise adjustments easy
  • Features:No drift spring-balanced arm allows complete freedom of movement
  • Features:6.75″ x 4.5″ rectangular white crown optical-quality glass lens
  • Features:Automatic 9/4 hour auto shut-off feature and (0-50-100%) step dimming to support energy savings
  • Features:UL/cUL listed


Phlebotomy Chair With Padded Seat

Winco’s 2573 features two infinitely adjustable armrests, padded seat and back and non-marring leveling feet. The flip-up contoured urethane armrest provides comfort, easy access, and added safety for the user. If a cabinet is required, please see our 2572 Padded Blood Drawing Chair.

Phlebotomy Chair With Storage Drawer

Winco’s 2572 Padded Blood-Drawing Chair includes a high impact aluminum and plastic storage cabinet. The adjustable, steel reinforced, flip-up, contoured urethane armrest provides easy access and superior safety for the user.

Additional features available for the 2572 Padded Blood-Drawing Chair:
  • Choice of over 40 vinyl colors
  • Optional Single Pivot Arm (PR)
  • Optional Right Rear IV Pole

Pneumatic Lab Stool

Pneumatic Lab Stool

Hausmann’s Pneumatic Lab Stool Includes padded Backrest and Foot Ring.

Positioning Pillows


  • Firm high-density urethane foam with vinyl sewn covering.
  • Color for the positioning pillows is Medium Blue


Preferred Care Bed-Recliner

Designed for Dialysis, Nocturnal Dialysis, Oncology and any time intensive health-care procedures, the Lumex® Preferred Care® Bed-Recliner combines maximum patient comfort with ease of use by the caregiver. Unlike recliners that are converted into a semi-flat sleeping surface, the Lumex® Preferred Care® Bed-Recliner offers the comfort of a true bed/sleep surface with an almost infinite number of seated/reclined positions. A specially designed Sleep Surface and Flexible Overlay provides proper support and extreme comfort in any position.

Designed For:

  • Dialysis
  • Nocturnal Dialysis
  • Oncology
  • Cardiac Care
  • Same Day Surgery
  • Post-Operative Recovery
  • Any Time-Intensive Procedure

Standard Features:

  • Full and Reverse Trendelenburg Positions
  • Auto CPR Function
  • Infinite Positioning of Head and Foot Sections
  • Adjustable Leg-Lift System to Improve Circulation
  • No Pinch Points Within 200mm of Bed Perimeter
  • Rolling Clearance of 20mm Over Thresholds
  • Splash-Proof Electronics
  • Wall Bumper
  • Edema Foot Ratchet
  • Under Bed Light
  • Battery Back Up

Preferred Care® Recliner Series, Drop-Arm

Lumex Preferred Care Recliner plus a unique drop arm mechanism. Self storing, height adjustable drop arms are simple for the caregiver to activate and enables a safer, easier lateral transfer for the resident and caregiver. Padded armrests provide a soft surface for added comfort. Directional wheel lock on right rear caster reduces “crabbing” of recliner and enables the chair to be moved down hallways with less effort.

Standard Features

  • Infinite recliner back patented mechanism provides infinite positioning of the back, ranging from 95 degrees to 145 degrees for increased resident comfort and pressure relief. The reclining back can be locked in any position by the caregiver.

RESCUE Medical Carts

DETECTO’s Rescue series medical carts come in multiple color options (red, blue, yellow, and white) with five or six drawers and 360-degree rotation for tight corners. DETECTO’s carts are manufactured from quality steel cart body construction that is powder-coat painted for durability with ABS countertops that are easy to clean. The keyed or EMG breakaway central lock secures all drawers at the same time for added convenience. The carts’ 5-inch-diameter wheels feature two parking locks and one steering lock. ABS bumpers protect all four corners of the medical carts. The push handle offers a user-friendly design. Multiple optional accessories are available to customize your cart or you may purchase a fully-loaded cart pre-stocked with typical accessories.

Rock-King X3000 Wheelchair

Rock-King X3000 Wheelchair

Customize your comfort with Rock-King’s fast, easy tilt and height adjustments that can be tailored to fit each individual.

Round Bolsters

  • High-density urethane foam with vinyl sewn covering.
  • Standard stocking color is Medium Blue. (1 Day QuickShip)
  • Available in 10 standard Pro-Form™ colors at additional charge; order 30-99 or 31-99.

Set of 3 Exercise Weight Bars

  • A series of 1 to 3 lb easy-to-grip color-coded 36″ long weighted bars.
  • Ideal for geriatric and nursing home use.
  • Features built-in hanger end cap on one end and anti-roll end cap on other end.
  • Consists of: (1) each 1 lb, 2 lbs., 3 lbs.

Set of 6 Vinyl Dumbbells

Model 5502 Set of 6 Vinyl Dumbbells

  • Consists of (2) each 1 lb. through 3 lb.

Model 5503 Set of 5 Vinyl Dumbbells

  • Consists of (1) each 1 lb. through 5 lb.

Model 5505 Set of 10 Vinyl Dumbbells

  • Consists of (1) each 1 lb. through 10 lb.