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Bariatric Cane

Bariatric Cane, 700 Lb   CNV-835-700   $110.98

Bariatric Cane, 1000 lb. Cap.  CNV-835-1000   $110.80

CONVAQUIP 500 R Crutches Regular

CONVAQUIP 500 R CRUTCHES REGULAR Convaquip 500R-1000 crutches have an overall range of 8” from lowest to the tallest setting in 1” increments. The hand grips can be adjusted to 5 different settings. These settings will range in 1.5” increments from lowest to highest on the arm pad to the hand grip and 1” increments on the leg. All measurements below are with underarm pad and tip installed. Each crutch weighs approx. 4.5 lbs. All models are sold in pairs only. Model 500R-1000

CNV-500 R   $203.52