Designer Care Cliner

Winco’s 6710 / 6714 is an XL version of our popular and stylish 6700 series. The 6710 answers facility requests for a larger seating area chair with a higher weight capacity, but still featuring an attractive modern design. Starting out 4″ wider and with a weight capacity of 450 pounds, the 6710 is the perfect complement to our current Designer Care Cliner. Like all our Clinical chairs, an easily accessible Trendelenburg feature is included.
The 6710 incorporates soft contoured urethane armrests that are durable and easy to clean. The design is sleek, with a comfortable seating height that does not require a foot stool to enter. Legendary Winco comfort is of course a hallmark of the 6710, featuring our full width unidirectional elastic suspension system in the back and seating area. This unique system allows a custom fit to every patient and will never bottom-out on a hard surface like springs or wood found in some designs. Our New 6714 Models substitues Pedestal feet for the casters to make an attractive, high capacity, stationary room chair that offers dignity and style for larger patients without having to resort to an industrial looking design.

Model 6710 – Features standard casters for patient mobility
Model 6714 – Offers attractive pedestal feet for a beautiful stationary room chair.


Product Specifications

Weight: 122 lbs. (55.34 kg.)
Height: 48.5″ (124.4cm) in. (123.19 cm.)
Width: 36.25″ (91.5cm) in. (92.08 cm.)
Maximum Width: 57.25 in. (145.42 cm.)
Seat Height: 20.5″ (53cm) in. (52.07 cm.)
Seat Width: 26″ (66cm) in. (66.04 cm.)
Seat Depth: 19.5″ (49.5cm) in. (49.53 cm.)
Seat Back Height: 32.5″(82.6cm) in. (82.55 cm.)
Armrest Height: 28.25″ (71.8cm) in. (71.76 cm.)
Weight Capacity: 450 lbs. (204.1kg) lbs. (204.12 kg.)
Footprint Recline Length: 73″ (186.7cm) in. (185.42 cm.)