Preferred Care Bed-Recliner

Designed for Dialysis, Nocturnal Dialysis, Oncology and any time intensive health-care procedures, the Lumex® Preferred Care® Bed-Recliner combines maximum patient comfort with ease of use by the caregiver. Unlike recliners that are converted into a semi-flat sleeping surface, the Lumex® Preferred Care® Bed-Recliner offers the comfort of a true bed/sleep surface with an almost infinite number of seated/reclined positions. A specially designed Sleep Surface and Flexible Overlay provides proper support and extreme comfort in any position.

Designed For:

  • Dialysis
  • Nocturnal Dialysis
  • Oncology
  • Cardiac Care
  • Same Day Surgery
  • Post-Operative Recovery
  • Any Time-Intensive Procedure

Standard Features:

  • Full and Reverse Trendelenburg Positions
  • Auto CPR Function
  • Infinite Positioning of Head and Foot Sections
  • Adjustable Leg-Lift System to Improve Circulation
  • No Pinch Points Within 200mm of Bed Perimeter
  • Rolling Clearance of 20mm Over Thresholds
  • Splash-Proof Electronics
  • Wall Bumper
  • Edema Foot Ratchet
  • Under Bed Light
  • Battery Back Up


The safety inspired embedded staff control in footboard is:

  • Angled for better visibility
  • Features Two-stage lockouts – lockout of pendant use and lockout of embedded staff control
  • Quick lockout buttons lock multiple functions simultaneously
  • SafeMode™ automatically locks out high/low feature (unless disabled), Patents Pending

Standard Under Bed Light for night-time safety.

Edema Foot Ratchet
Provides quick positioning for improved circulation in the patient’s legs. Standard on the Lumex® Preferred Care® Bed-Recliner.

Cardiac Position
The Cardiac Position is primarily designed for residents with heart and respiratory problems to whom a semi-erect position brings great relief.

Two-Pedal Locking System
Standard on the Lumex® Preferred Care® Bed-Recliner, the clearly indicated Red and Green Coded Locking System allows the bed to be locked at any height.

Battery Assist
In case of a power failure, the Preferred Care® Bed-Recliner motors include a battery assist to power the basic functions of the bed.

Sleep Position: Ideal for Sleeping and Patient Care

Recline/TV Position: Ideal for Resting, TV & Activities

Head-Up Position: Ideal for Resting and Treatment Initiation

Optional Half Length Assist Device and Assist Bars provide a sturdy and secure hand-hold to assist residents in and out of bed.

Half Length Assist Device-Warm to the Touch (ZA84200)

  • Warm-to-the-touch half-length assist device and pivot assist bars:
  • Move out of the way for lateral transfers

Assist Bar (650-1001-000)
Can be mounted without tools at the head section of the Lumex® Preferred Care® Bed-Recliner or the foot section of the bed based on the patient’s requirements.

The Lumex® Preferred Care® Bed-Recliner is built to conform to UL 60601-1 and IEC601-2-38; CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 601.1. Multiple Patents Pending

Warranty Information
Bed Frame: Limited Lifetime Warranty
Welds: Limited 15 Year Warranty
DC Electronic Components: Limited 3 Year Warranty
Head/Foot Boards: Limited 1 Year Warranty
Sleep Surface & Overlay: Limited 2 Year Warranty