Zenith9000APS Bed


Height Travel Range…….7” to 30”
Weight Capacity*…….600 lb
Mattress Deck Length…….76″/80″
Mattress Deck Width…….35″
Overall Bed Length (76″/80″)…….81.75″/85.75″ with wall saver
Overall Bed Width…….39″ with assist bar
Overall Bed Width…….39.9″ with half length assist devices
Maximum back angle…….70°
Maximum knee angle…….30°

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NOTE:  Basic American Medical Products beds are for INSTITUTIONAL USE ONLY.  Orders will not be accepted for delivery to a residential address.

The advanced positioning of the Zenith9000APS allows the bed to go into numerous positions for:

  • Positively influencing clinically driven outcomes through multiple positioning options
  • Accommodating post-surgical rehab positioning to facilitate resident comfort
  • Reduces caregiver strain and potential injuries to caregiver and residents caused by manually repositioning residents
  • Full and Reverse Trendelenburg positioning from 0 to 14 degrees, ideal for rehab and subacute, provides therapeutic benefits that can aid in circulation and ease body discomfort. Trendelenburg also promotes gravity assist resident self positioning
  • Multiple positioning such as lounge chair and recliner style functionality provides comfort and relaxation to the resident and also allows for positioning of resident closer to the caregiver for proper care
  • Bed automatically pauses when it returns to level from Trendelenburg, Reverse Trendelenburg or chair position
  • Auto CPR functionality allows for ideal CPR positioning in emergency situations
  • The Cardiac Chair is primarily designed for residents with heart and respiratory problems to whom a semi-erect position brings great relief. The chair can be made to serve as a fully reclined bed when needed, but can also be adjusted to form a chair. This “cardiac position” helps to elevate the patient fr om the waist up, which provides relief to the lungs, increases circulation, and assists the patient in coming from a fully prone position to a sitting position without causing harm or undue strain.

Safety inspired embedded staff control in footboard

  • Angled for better visibility
  • Two-stage lockouts – lockout of pendant use and lockout of embedded staff control
  • Quick lockout buttons lock multiple functions simultaneously
  • SafeMode™ automatically locks out high/low feature (unless disabled), Patents Pending

Designed for comfort and efficient operation
Height travel range: 7” to 30”
Straight vertical rise protects walls and maintains footprint.

Strong, no-sag grid deck sleep surface with sturdy cross braces.
Safe Work Load: 600 pounds

Timesaver Technology™ – fast, even-speed motors save time!

Sealed ball bearings ensure maintenance-free, continuous, silent operation.

Synchronized high-low motors keep the bed level for proper therapeutic positioning. When the head position is lower than the heart, lung volume may be compromised, causing airway problems, making it more difficult to breathe. Unlevel sleep surfaces may cause a risk of brain swelling and reduced systolic and diastolic pressures.

Intuitive two-pedal locking system is centrally positioned and easily visible from a distance to ensure that the bed is locked. Pedal locks are readily accessible at ALL bed heights and widths, even in the lowest position. Bed rolls at any height reducing caregiver back strain.

Bed provides 360° mobility at ANY height.

Directional mechanism on front caster is accessible at all heights for ease in rolling the bed.

Maximum underbed clearance for use with overbed tables and lifts.

Bed easily adjusts for use at 76” or 80” length.

  • Adjustable wall saver positions (76”, 80”, and for use with a trapeze) provide the smallest footprint at each length, while protecting the wall (included with bed)
  • Adjustable mattress retainer securely supports mattress position for 76” or 80” length (included with bed)
  • Edema foot ratchet to elevate the foot end of the bed (included with bed)

SilverSolutions within the powder-coating provides antimicrobial surface protection

SilverSolutions inhibits the growth of organisms that can detract from the appearance and coating functionality:
• Inhibits the growth of bacterial odors
• Resists stains caused by mildew
• Resists stains caused by mold

SilverSolutions preserves the cured coating during the service life of the bed.

GF Health Products, Inc. makes no independent representations or empirical statements about SilverSolutions. This information is reprinted from: TCI Powder Coatings, EPA Guidance for EPA Registration 40 CFR 152.25

Highest Safety and Quality Standards
Unrestricted UL Listing
Built to conform to UL 60601-1, IEC601-2-38, and CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 601.1 the Zenith Series offers the following ensuring the utmost resident and staff safety:

  • Grounded – Standard Hospital Grade Plug
  • No pinch points within 200mm of bed perimeter
  • Bed can be used as a transport device because it passes threshold clearance at ALL heights by 20mm
  • Splash-proof electronics
  • Load capacity and tip-stability tested and approved

NEW Improved Warranty

  • 15 years on frame
  • 5 years on motors and control box (longest motor warranty in the industry)
  • 3 years on other electronics

U.S. Patents
– Multiple Patents Pending

Tool-less assembly minimizes set-up time.