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Industrial Belt – Shoulder Straps


  • Professional quality construction
  • Elastic and foam materials are lightweight and durable
  • Hook and loop fastening for easy adjustment and closure
  • Fits over work uniforms, easy to apply and remove
  • Adjustable shoulder straps provide a snug, comfortable fit
  • Also available without shoulder straps – C-205

Intelect Legend XT® System

Electrotherapy is the application of electrical stimulation transmitted through the body via electrodes for therapeutic purposes.  With electrotherapy, the current flows through the body from one electrode to the other and causes different physiological reactions, which are determined by the type of current selected, the parameters of the selected current and the output intensity. The Intelect Legend XT is one of the most advanced therapy systems available. Beneath its award-winning, ergonomic design is a sophisticated, versatile, user-friendly system. The Intelect Legend XT lets you offer a comprehensive range of therapies in a single, state-of-the-art unit.

Invacare Bariatric Bed

Invacare Bariatric Bed, 48″ Wide Mattress, Weight Capacity 675 Lb.


  • Includes:Battery Backup
  • Includes: Bed Ends
  • Includes: Half Rails
  • Includes: BAR750(Full Electric Bed) and BARMATTEXP( Mattress).
  • Weight Capacity:675 Lb. Weight Capacity


Invacare Bariatric Foam Mattress


  • Features:Constructed of latex-free materials
  • Features:Solid inner core mattress is reversible and flippable
  • Features:Constructed of high resilience, easy-to-clean foam for extended life and service
  • Bed Dimensions:80″ L x 42″ W x 6.5″ D
  • Included:Warranty: 1 Year


Invacare Floor Stand w/ Trapeze


  • Features:Free-standing structure permits use with Bariatric, Homecare or non-medical bed
  • Features:Three locking overhead boom angle positions for comfortable, secure use
  • Features:Tool-less design simplifies assembly
  • Weight Capacity:Product Weight Capacity: Safe Working Load: 650 lb.
  • Dimensions: Overall Height: 73″ Base: 50.5″ (L) x 40″ (W) Reach: 35.5″


Invacare Full Electric Bed


  • Features:Designed for use in the home, this full electric bed has a weight capacity of 350 lb.
  • Weight Capacity:Weight Capacity: 450 lb. Patient Weight Capacity: 350 lb.
  • Sizing:Dimensions: 88″L x 15″-23″H x 36″W
  • Sizing:Sleep Surface: 80″L x 36″W


Invacare Full Electric Bed


  • Features:The deck of the Invacare Low Full Electric Bed is 9.5″ from the floor at the lowest point.
  • Sizing:Dimensions: 88″L x 9.5″-20″H x 36″W
  • Sizing:Sleep Surface: 80″L x 36″W
  • Sizing:Product Weight Capacity: 450 lb. Maximum Patient Weight: 350 lb
  • Included: Limited Warranty: 5 Year Welds, 2 Year Mechanical/Electrical


Invacare Solace Bariatric Mattress

The Invacare Solace Prevention Bariatric Mattress features soft head and heel sections for comfort and protection and fortress cut convoluted foam for extra support.

Inverness 24 Hour Treatment Recliner™

The name tells most of the story, delighted patients and clinicians tell the rest. Rarely does a recliner evoke the intense passion of patients and clinicians like the Inverness 24-Hour Treatment Recliner™. The Inverness is a superbly crafted treatment recliner with a patent pending suite of intuitive, practical and durable innovations to address patient and clinician comfort for a completely new clinical seating experience.
•  Promotes patient independence with ultra-low effort, bilateral controls
•  Supports clinician comfort with front-locking brake tabs and back relieving side table heights
•  Enhances facility efficiency with attractive, durable construction that is easy to clean
Thousands of documented hours of feedback and refinements create an ideal blend of daytime luxury with nocturnal comfort upon which patients truly can sleep through the night. Inverness 24-Hour Treatment Recliner™ provides comfort and utility for all treatment applications. Inverness provides the flexibility to add capacity to the clinic for delivering comfortable around-the-clock care.

IV Pole Outlet Strip

MODEL #: IV-50

  • 4 hospital grade outlets
  • 6′ cord
  • Stainless steel frame with hood
  • Mounting requires 1 universal clamp (sold separately)

IV Power Pole


  • Elevate 4 bags with 1 hand
  • Same size as a conventional IV Tower
  • No cords, plugs or batteries
  • Designed with injury prevention in mind
  • Perfect for arthroscopies
  • Heavy duty base
  • Collapsed Ht: 65″ Extended Ht: 89″ Base Size: 26″
  • 3″ Swivel Casters